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Miscellany For April

Web design business rolled on. Statistics proved that we’d made a correct assumption about out e-commerce suite, a poorly written manual led to a few hundred million plugin updates, and we inch ever closer to replacing ourselves with the next big thing.

Miscellany for March

People who think the internet changes faster than the real world probably don’t go outside often enough.  At least, that’s what spending March in Iowa teaches me. We kept a steady course at PureNyx, tweaking a few things here and there, keeping an eye on security, and...

Social Sharing With The Monarch Plugin

PureNyx supports social sharing through a flexible, multi-purpose plugin called Monarch.  Built by one of our key technology partners, Elegant Themes, it’s fast, stylish, and covers pretty much every sort of sharing you can imagine.  Not all of our sites use...

Miscellany For February

tl;dr – We’re encrypting access to our admin dashboard, some more outdated plugins bit the dust this month, and PureNyx is happy about the FCC’s action on Net Neutrality.