How Tos

Learn the basics of how to navigate your site, and create and edit pages and posts.

Creating and managing posts

Creating posts for your site is very important for blog style updates. Your website theme may have options that aren’t shown in these videos, so if you have any questions on how to create a post specific to your website, please contact us.

Adding new posts
[wpmudev-video video=”add-new-post”]
Trashing a post
[wpmudev-video video=”trash-page”]
Restoring a post
[wpmudev-video video=”restore-post”]

The Visual Editor

When you add posts or pages to your website, you have two viewing options of the content: Visual and Text. The text option is very basic and stripped down of any styling. The visual option lets you see how your content will appear.

The Toolbar
[wpmudev-video video=”the-toolbar”]
Editing text
[wpmudev-video video=”edit-text”]
[wpmudev-video video=”add-heading”]
[wpmudev-video video=”hyperlinks”]

Your Dashboard

Your Dashbaord, Admin Bar, QuickPress, and the ability to change your password are all visible when you are logged into your website.

[wpmudev-video video=”dashboard”]
Admin bar
[wpmudev-video video=”admin-bar”]
[wpmudev-video video=”change-password”]

Working With Images

Images are an important part of your website and it’s a good idea to include them in your pages and posts. Watch these step-by-step instructions to learn how to add images to your pages and posts as well as how to do some minor editing and how to set an image as a featured image.

[wpmudev-video video=”featured-image”]
[wpmudev-video video=”edit-image”]
[wpmudev-video video=”add-image-from-pc”]
Media Library
[wpmudev-video video=”add-image-from-media-library”]

Media Library

The Media Library contains all items that have been uploaded to your library and can include file types such as pdfs, images, sound, and video files.

Media library
[wpmudev-video video=”media-library”]
Adding media
[wpmudev-video video=”add-media”]

Organizing Content

The key to having easy to find content is by making sure you understand the organizational tools available and then deciding the easiest way to use those.

[wpmudev-video video=”categories”]
[wpmudev-video video=”tags”]
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