October is always a busy month for PureNyx. It’s the end of football season (We’re parents of involved kids… not sports fans) and the beginning of holidays sales. We’ve been huddling from the wind on crowded bleachers, producing pitch books for software startups, preparing product listings for Black Friday specials, and a myriad tasks in between. That’s given us time for three topics in this month’s Miscellany:

1. Gravity Forms & Zapier Are A Match Made In Heaven

Technology integration is a hot topic in the business community, especially when it applies to automating your web marketing efforts. This month, we’ve been doing something interesting to make integration easier. We’ve added a tool that links our forms solution, Gravity Forms, to an Automation As A Service tool, Zapier. That means we have the ability to connect your contact and offer forms to literally hundreds of other web applications.

It’s so cool I don’t even know how cool it is.

For real. I’m not certain what all we can do with Zapier. So far I’ve built forms that populate and mail multiple documents, forms that add entries to CRMs, forms that create Evernote entries, and forms that send text messages. In Zapier’s list of software with compatible APIs, there are accounting tools, inventory management systems, lead generators, and things I can’t even fathom. Long story short, if you have a wild idea to integrate some of your business apps with a web form – it’s time to give us a call.

2. ‘Tis The Season For Landing Pages

Speaking of landing pages, now is the perfect time to get yours in order. If you have some special deals this holiday season, a dedicated offer page is a great way to get the word out. With our modern designs, e-commerce solutions, and advanced forms tools, PureNyx is the perfect place to host your landing pages!

We’ve made certain that all of our themes include page templates, so it’s easy for our clients to add landing pages to their sites. In fact, you could use our network to host unlimited landing pages even if your main site was elsewhere.

Of course, a lot of our clients have us design their landing pages. We can help with creating custom graphics, advanced offer forms, and tools for social sharing. Just drop us a line and we’ll get you a quote!

3. POODLE Patching Hits High Gear

On October 16th, we released a post about a new SSL vulnerability revealed by Google researchers and, somewhat playfully, given the acronym POODLE. At the time, news media were making a big deal about the fact that the older SSL 3.0 standard affected by POODLE was fundamentally flawed all along and there was no way to repair it. That means the problem itself was simply unpatchable, yet the rest of the month has been filled with stories about browser and operating system manufacturers releasing patches anyway.

What’s up with that?

Well, it turns out that most of these patches are simply disabling the ability to use the cryptographic methods within SSL 3.0. The likes of Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Mozilla have all done it, which is cool because that’s what we did too.

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