Mix of appsScenario

You work in California. You have employees in Texas, Minnesota, and Virginia. Or maybe your offices are closer together – across the city or state, or further apart in different countries.

You need to be able to keep up to date on your employees schedules, copied on important emails, and share documents easily, but right now your systems, programs, and applications are a scattered and haphazard system. You have a cloud storage system to share files. A system for emails, but no shared calendar. A program to create documents and presentations. And you have periodic conference calls or webinars using yet another system.

You’re on the go and need a file while you’re out so you have to copy it from your computer to your laptop/tablet/phone into another app and then when you get back to the office you have to transfer changes back by hand because the app and the program don’t sync up.

It would be great to tie them all together under one roof and be able to keep tabs on and access to the important things related to your business.

Enter Google Apps

If you take Google’s free services, bundle them together, and add a dash of business management, the end result is Google Apps. I’m not going to go into any great detail about the different solutions that Google Apps offers. You can see it on their official page: >>Google Apps for Businesses<<

Instead, I want to touch on three key points that we have found the most helpful and useful with Google Apps.


EmailGoogle Apps email service is built on the same exact platform as their Gmail service, but instead of using an @gmail email address, it uses your company’s domain which is great because it keeps the branding to you.

Now, think. How many times have you ever heard of Gmail being down, or emails being delayed, or emails just disappearing? I’m going to guess it’s not very often. At the beginning of April, Google released a blog post about their email service availability for the year 2012. They guarantee a 99.9% with zero scheduled downtime for maintenance. For 2012, they achieved a 99.983% availability. They’ve managed to reach this goal for the past 3 years, too, so they have a nice track record for reliability.

Google Drive

DriveWith Google Drive, you have a cloud storage system that allows you to create files like documents and spreadsheets (in fact, this blog post is being drafted in a Google document), upload files of any sort, make folders to manage everything in your Drive, and download it for your PC. The download is nice because it creates a Drive folder that automatically syncs with the cloud system so you can use it for important automatic computer backups as well.

Drive can be used to store all sorts of documents too, not just ones created within the application. You can store Microsoft Office or Adobe files and open them within Drive to view, or if you’d like to edit them, you can convert them into the Drive equivalent file type. You can also store images or zip files – pretty much anything you can save into a folder on your PC you can save into Drive.

Plus, Drive has the ability to share your documents with anyone – people within your company or without with just a couple clicks.


HangoutI know, you hear the word “hangout” and it’s fun sounding. That doesn’t sound right for a business application! But you would be surprised. When you work from home or in a situation where you’re not located in the same place as your other employees, it’s hard to figure out the important factor of face-time.

Hangouts give you that opportunity. Not only can you have face-time, but if you have something on your computer that is more easily explained by showing, you can share your screen. Hangouts allow up to 15 people at a time right now.

There’s also the option for Hangouts On Air that will allow you to record a hangout for later viewing – which could be useful for training purposes.

Apps all in one place

Here are a few great reasons to switch to Google Apps. Let PureNyx Design get you, your employees, and your computers connected with Google Apps. Contact us today, and if you have any stories to share, leave a comment below!

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