logoThe blogging network WordPress.com offers a variety of extra features wrapped into a single plugin called Jetpack. We’ve added a customized version of this plugin to the PureNyx network in order to empower blogging on our sites. Some of the modules have been removed, since certain Jetpack features are duplicative or perform poorly, and we’ve changed which ones are active by default. The modules available to every PureNyx site are detailed below:


The Publicize module offers a feature we’ve wanted to introduce to PureNyx clients for some time – automatic sharing on multiple social networks. If you’d like to save time when publicizing your posts, this is the way to go. Publicize is active, but unconfigured, by default.

Jetpack Comments

Comments are an expected part of any blog but not every site wants to truly encourage frictionless interaction from readers. Those that do should activate this component and configure this component, which offers a social login powered replacement for your regular comments.


While email is no longer the cool way to follow authors, it still has a few die-hard fans. The Subscriptions module, which is active and configured by default, allows browsers to sign up for email notices of new posts or comments.

Post By Email

An unusual option for heavy bloggers, Post By Email is active but unconfigured by default. When enabled, this feature allows users to create new posts by sending an email to a special address at WordPress.com. It doesn’t allow for much in the way of formatting, so it’s best to discuss the outcome with us before beginning.


Disabled by default, Carousel converts your image galleries into a full screen interactive slideshow.


We’re not really sure what to think of this module, so we left it inactive by default. It allows users to display approval of your posts, only on your blog.


This module will eventually replace most of the other social sharing options we’ve employed on existing sites. Sharing offers tools to assist visitors in spreading your posts across social media. It is active, but unconfigured, by default.

Spelling & Grammar

You can configure this module to assist your writing endeavors by checking your work against the After The Deadline proof-reading service.

Contact Form

This module can add a simple contact form anywhere on your site. It’s not as cool as Gravity Forms, but a bit quicker to use.

Widget Visibility

Active by default, this module adds a VISIBILITY section to the widget configuration interface. This allows users to control where widgets appear. We will eventually replace the Widget Logic feature with this module, as it is simpler to use.

Tiled Galleries

This module is deactivated by default. It allows for the creation of image galleries with various layouts. More here: http://jetpack.me/support/tiled-galleries/

WP.me Shortlinks

Activated by default, this feature allows you to obtain a Shortlink for your posts using the WP.me URL shortener. This option is available at the top of the editor, to the right of the permalink.

Google+ Profile

This relatively new feature is activated by default, but not automatically configured. It adds a section to SETTINGS > SHARING that allows users to connect their website to a Google+ Profile. It also supports enhanced sharing to Google+ and embedding of various Google documents.

Custom CSS

This adds a CSS editor to the admin, which allows you to add styling code that can change the look and feel of your site. It is activated by default and accessed from the Jetpack modules page. We will eventually move your site’s current custom CSS to this area.

Shortcode Embeds

In WordPress, shortcodes are a not-so-secret way to add special objects within your posts and pages. These extra shortcodes include things like video embeds and a subscription form. More detail at: http://jetpack.me/support/shortcode-embeds/


This module is not activated by default. It modifies the WordPress editor to allow the use of Markdown script, a way for serious bloggers to write faster by typing code to format their text. Markdown definitely isn’t for casual writers!

Beautiful Math

If you need to display a complex mathematical expression, this feature allows you to use a special code called LaTeX to make your formulae come out right. It’s super geeky and activated by default, because that’s how we roll.

Extra Sidebar Widgets

This adds additional widget options and is active by default. They include widgets for Twitter Timeline, Facebook Like Box, Gravatar Profile, an Image Widget, a Gallery Widget, WordPress Post Display, RSS Links, and Send To Readmill.

Jetpack Single Sign-On

You can activate this module if you’d like to allow visitors to register and login with their credentials from WordPress.com. This is an attractive option if your audience consists of other bloggers, but not quite so useful otherwise.

JSON API, Mobile Push Notifications, & Enhanced Distribution

These features, all activated by default, change the way various services can connect to updates on your site. If you’ll be blogging regularly, this is a big deal even if you don’t directly notice them.

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