As my recent adventure in photographing an artist while he waved about flaming paintings in the middle of a country road goes to show, your next design sometimes needs original photos. A look through Jaime’s  portfolio of unique logos and brand elements can attest  to the fact that we often create original illustrations. However, many of the images used within the sites we create, particularly those used to generate an emotional impact, are stock photos we purchased specifically for that client project. We use many of the same sort of photos on our own site and in our blog. It’s worth taking a moment to talk about what that means and why we do it.

Let’s face it, images aren’t free. A lot of people on the Internet seem to believe they are, but as lawyers for the content owner can quickly hammer home… that’s not true. You can’t just do any old Google image search and use whatever you find. You have to either:

  • own the rights to the image,
  • know that the image’s license allows your use,
  • or have reason to believe that the images are without known copyright.

Creating your own images or purchasing stock images is an example of the first method, which this article covers. We’ll talk about methods two and three in a forthcoming blog post about an exciting new update to your sites.

The sites we design for our clients use a lot of imagery we can’t create in a cost effective manner. In many cases, these photos or illustrations are used to underline a point or create an emotional impact, and as such don’t have to be completely original. When this is the case, we purchase a license to existing images from a stock image library. Our chosen library is We maintain an account with the Depositphotos service and license images specifically to use with your site. There are nearly 17,000,000 images in their service, covering a wide array of subjects. It’s rare that we can’t find something to fit pretty much any need.

While we provide a variety of web design services, generation of custom HTML email, and creation of print material, we also understand that our clients may wish to do some of this themselves. If you’d like to get some of the same great images, we use on your site in order to create your own material we highly recommend Depositphotos. Please follow our affiliate link below.

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