Our sites use a Google Maps plugin that enables you to create and manage interactive maps, offer directions, and display public photos of target locations. We use it to add maps to your site during our design work, but you can take advantage of the tool if you’d like to use it in your own blogs or updates. There are two ways you can add maps to your site – inside page and posts through the visual editor or inside a widget position.

Adding Maps In The Visual Editor


The visual editor, which allows you to create or update pages/posts, includes an option to add a Google Map. Selecting the world icon brings up a popup where you can create new maps or add existing ones. The map appears as a shortcode in the visual editor, such as [map id=”1”], but is fully functional when you publish the entry.

Adding Maps In A Widget Position

maps2-pnsYour site’s theme includes several widget positions in areas like the sidebar and footer. These widget positions are used to contain snippets of content, like an address, or interactive tools, like contact forms or maps. These can be accessed through APPEARANCE>WIDGETS in your site’s admin. Using the drag and drop interface, you can add a Google Maps Widget to any of these positions. The widget settings include the ability to select an existing map, create a new one, or modify how the map appears.

Map Settings

maps3-pnsIn addition to the ability to drop custom map markers, such as the location of your business, there are a variety of options available when you create a new map. These can be adjusted for each map, but you can also select new defaults in your site’s settings menu.

Map Size

These settings include the map’s default width and height in pixels. It’s important to make sure that the map will fit in the space available, so double check that you haven’t assigned a size larger that the widget or content area where you are placing it.

Map Type

There are four types of map to choose from: Roadmap, Satellite, Hybrid, and Terrain. Roadmap is the default style used by Google and is used on most sites, but the others may be useful in certain situations.

Images, Image Size, and Image Limit

When creating a map you may activate the Panaramio function to include a gallery of images from the area featured in the map. Panaramio is a photosharing community with images tied to location data Google Maps. You might want to use it if you are featuring a location for an event or in discussing the appeal of an area in your blog posts.

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