PureNyx supports social sharing through a flexible, multi-purpose plugin called Monarch.  Built by one of our key technology partners, Elegant Themes, it’s fast, stylish, and covers pretty much every sort of sharing you can imagine.  Not all of our sites use Monarch in the same way, and some don’t use it at all, but the tool is available to any of our clients wishing to promote sharing of their content.  It’s features include:

  • 20+ preconfigured sharing targets to help target your specific audience.
  • 5 sharing locations including floating sidebars, above/below content sharing bars, sharing icons in images, automatic pop-ups, and automatic fly-ins .
  • 6 triggers for pop-ups or flyins, such as timed delay and after purchases.
  • 35+ social profile links, including counts for shares and followers.
  • 3 button shapes, 5 sidebar hover effects, and 4 inline buttons styles.
  • Fast, mobile responsive design.

For a much more detailed description of Monarch, you can see the ElegantThemes.com product page.

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