tl;dr Don’t worry about the Bash/ShellShock bug.  PureNyx has your site covered.

The internet is abuzz today about discovery of a major security vulnerability now being called ShellShock.  It affects a mysterious something called Bash, a bit of software more formally called the GNU Bourne Again Shell.  Bash is a keypart of every major Unix or Linux based operating system in the world… so it’s inside of Apple’s OS X for the Mac and every important web server or network appliance on the planet.  Since the bug behind ShellShock can allow people to install viruses or malware on affected machines, this is a pretty serious problem.

Except at PureNyx.

Just like we did with the Heartbleed SSL vulnerability, our careful choice of technology partners and regular scrutiny of security issues means that we dodged this bullet too.  Although our networks are run on Linux-based webservers, our technology partner (WP Engine) already had the capabilities affected by ShellShock disabled by default.  Additionally, they use the AppArmor toolset to ensure that problems like this wouldn’t touch your sites even if the server could be attacked.

So… it’s all good.  More or less.  The rest of the internet might stagger a bit, but your sites will keep running like clockwork.

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