A great website is only one part of maintaining a complete web presence. Your business also needs to be visible on key social networks. In one sense this is easy because you can generally create an appropriate social presence with little outlay in time or money. In another sense, it’s very hard because it’s not obvious how or when to use the different social sites. PureNyx can help you plan your social presence, customize the look and feel of each network, leverage them in marketing campaigns, and provide ongoing support. Whether you just need a little advice or want us to create all of your content, we’d love a chance to discuss your project – just contact us.

Of course, it’s not prohibitively difficult to do yourself if you have the time and knowledge necessary.

One of the most perplexing aspects of the process is populating the various cover photos and profile images. Each network has different requirements for customizing its look and feel. The same thing applies to pictures or videos added to your posts. Choosing the wrong image size or aspect leads to a confusing and unprofessional appearance. A great resource to understand how various networks use imagery comes courtesy of LunaMetrics’ blog. Their “Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet” provides a comprehensive guide for image sizing – we use it ourselves to keep up to date as the networks change their profiles and business pages.



Social Media Cheat Sheet by LunaMetrics
Designed by Lunametrics
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